Don’t miss a single thing

Our Guest Upload facility lets you invite snap happy friends and family to share their best images with you. Just send them a secure link and they can effortlessly upload their pics to your gallery.

Build your own collaborative gallery

Don’t worry though: you’re the boss. Moderate every picture before it becomes visible to anyone else. No embarrassing mid-macarena photos from your wedding party or awkward and blurry snaps that look like they were taken by a particularly pushy paparazzi.

Make them days to remember

Preserve and share a complete picture of your most memorable occasions, including the little moments you weren’t there to catch yourself. Showcase those awesome drone shots your nerdy uncle took, every heartwarming hug, goofy grin and chubby baby picture. LuminHouse will keep them safe and ready for you to look back over on nostalgic nights or somewhere down the road when you just really want to embarrass your kids. We won’t judge.