You deserve a private and safe platform to share your life with loved ones

There’s never been a time in which it has been so easy to stay in touch with our loved ones, no matter how far apart they may be scattered across the globe. But the connectivity offered by social media has its downsides: with free platforms you ultimately become the product and your data the commodity.

Retain ownership of your photos

Lots of big social media companies have privacy policies that get downright creepy with “ownership policies” that technically allow their parent companies to use your images and content in a wide variety of ways from advertisements to training facial recognition algorithms. If you’re looking for an alternative way to share all your wedding pictures and photos of special moments with your kids and friends, we salute you. With LuminHouse you stay totally in control of your own images, keeping your memories safe, private and away from the prying eyes of advertisers.

Social media without the baggage

We don’t mean to sound presumptuous, but our web app could possibly be the best way to securely and selectively share wedding photos, birthdays snaps and the mountains of cute pet and baby photos you’ve accumulated. Not only can you invite friends and family to contribute their own images through our guest upload feature, but your guests can also comment on galleries and images, keeping you connected across the globe without any intrusive data harvesting.