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Introducing LuminHouse

In life we get to experience a lot of things worth remembering and preserving. From weddings to first days of school, birthdays and all the wild adventures in between, every special occasion comes with heaps of photos that deserve to be displayed in style, securely shared and tucked away for more nostalgic days.

LuminHouse is a fully mobile accessible web app that lets professional photographers deliver their images straight to your own personal, beautiful, secure and fully mobile gallery. It’s packed with features like guest uploads, comment and image moderation and effortless safe sharing – all backed up by the world’s most reliable cloud storage architecture.

For less than the price of a fancy latte, you can rest assured that all your wedding photos, cute baby pics and kooky family portraits are safe and accessible only to you and the people you invite to your gorgeous personal gallery.


Safe and social sharing

With LuminHouse you stay totally in control of your own photos, keeping your memories safe, private and away from the public domain.


Capture those candid moments

Never miss a single snapshot from all those special occasions. Through a password protected link, you can invite your nearest and dearest to securely upload their own photos to your personal gallery. Don’t worry though: you can approve all images before anyone else can see them.


Online Gallery – Access Anywhere, Anytime

LuminHouse makes sure your pictures are there for you, no matter which of your gadgets you’re on or where in the world you find yourself. Access your photos through our website, 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Because tech should free you not tie you down.


Easy and accurate touch-ups

Our integrated True Proofing feature lets you pinpoint exactly the areas of images your want your professional photographer to touch up. No more guesswork. No more red eyes or over-saturated images.


Don’t stress about storage

Never, ever lose another image. No matter what life throws at you, your pictures will stay high and dry in the cloud. Spend less time worrying and more time living it up.

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